Boxed Meals FAQ


How do I order?
Fill out the form and a team member will get back in touch with you.

Do you provide cups, plates & other disposables?
Yes! We provide all necessary packaging & we charge 5% for all items.

Does your other restaurant also cater?
Yes! We can offer favorites from our sister restaurant Farmhaus, just ask!

How do I receive my order?
We offer a $5 delivery fee up to $100, then free delivery after that. We ask for a 30 minute delivery window. You can also pick it up.

Is there a minimum required to order?
Yes. Orders picked-up at the restaurant have a minimum of $100, otherwise just order through our individual online ordering platform. Delivered orders have a minimum of $250.

How soon can I order?
We ask for a minimum of 12 hours notice & a 50% deposit. Orders can be canceled up to 8 hours before your event without charge.

We have some folks with special dietary restrictions, how do you handle that
Please discuss special needs with our team so we can provide you & your guests a safe dining experience!

How do I pay?
We accept all major credit cards.